There is something about having a sister

I know that most siblings get along.  They tend to stay in touch and talk on a regular basis when they are out of the house and raising their own families.  But, I definitely think there is something special about sisters.  Or maybe it’s just my sister.

We definitely have had our share of sibling moments and arguments growing up. But as we’ve become adults and had kids/families of our own, there is definitely a specialness and closeness that we share.

We can relate. To the busyness of being working moms in a hectic world. Where there are always things to accomplish and little ones to raise and mold. To the challenge of trying to be the best people we can be – by hitting goals we’ve set for ourselves or working on a particular area of our lives (spiritual walk, better wives, exercising more, etc.).


We share the same history. We lived in the same house with the same set of parents, so when we know why we act the way we do or think the way we do… because we both have many of the same principles engrained into our heads.  We also reminisce on a lot of the same stories and remember them the same way. (Instead of my husband or friends interpretation of my story on our forced childhood family wrestling matches or nights when I would ‘share’ my bed with Heidi only to smush her against the wall.)  She really was there and remembers things the exact same way I do.

ginger and heidi travel

We respect each other.  There are things Heidi is really good at and I love counting on her to handle the super Type A details and timeline and take charge.  Alternately, she counts on me to try to think outside of the box and come up with 462 craft ideas for our kids parties.  We appreciate that we have different talents that, when combined, make us a pretty great team.


We have a similar sense of humor.  We really laugh hard at each other so often.  Whether it’s crazy party ideas or a funny kid story, we can really get each other going and just crack up together.

heidi and ginger photobooth

We share a lot of the same values.  Again, likely because we were raised in the same house, but we both parent our kids similarly, think about our roles as working moms similarly, feel strongly about certain beliefs in a similar way.

heidi and ginger greece

I can count on her.  I know that she has bent over backwards for me and my family many times and I know that she is a reliable and trustworthy person to have in my life.  She also isn’t afraid to be real when we talk.  She will call me on areas that I need to work on and I appreciate that we are very REAL but also supportive of each other.


There is no one I’d rather plan kids parties/crafts with, double date travel to foreign lands with, share a twin bed with, get half price sushi with and play volleyball with (against the JV team).

P.S. It’s also her birthday today… so feel free to give her some bday love on her (occasionally used) blog!





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  1. Great post Ginger! Heidi is rock solid and you can count on her. I think you both get that from mom. OK, SCG crafty ideas from dad. I love my family.

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