Hubby’s Birthday: By the numbers

37 – candles in his cake tonight

30 – number of presents I bought him on his 30th birthday, this year there are considerably less gifts, but just as much love went into them

18 – holes of golf I’m sure he wants to play today

12 – numbers of birthdays I have celebrated with him

2 – boys who can’t wait to sing him a wonderfully off-key rendition of “Happy Birthday” after work

1 – wife who is so thankful for the great husband she gets to celebrate today


Happy Happy Birthday to the best (and worst 😉 ) husband I’ve ever had!  I’m thankful for the ways you love our family, you lead our house and make us laugh.  Life is better with you in it.  I love that you are setting a great example of the man I hope our boys become.  I hope God gives us at least 50 more of these May 21sts to celebrate together. Now, get back to work on my chairs (ha!)

I love you Esposo.





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