Milestones for Brookster

This month, we decided to transition Brooks from his crib into a toddler bed.  I was on the fence. I wanted to. Then I didn’t want to because I got all “mommy emotional” and it was the last time we’d have a crib up in our house. Then he jumped out of his crib again. So we decided it was time.

I’ve always been a little nervous about Brooks not having his crib.

Cribs = Containment

And for Brooks, no crib means no naps. Or that’s how I thought it would go.

So daddy worked hard on Mother’s Day weekend to transform the crib into the toddler bed.  That night, my kids were a little overtired. Brooks didn’t nap and then they had a late evening out with the family so when it came time for bed – past 8pm, he was already in meltdown. Add a new bedspace and we had one unhappy toddler.

But being overtired worked to our advantage because within 5 minutes of putting him to bed he was fast asleep, so he didn’t have time to enjoy getting OUT of bed.

bed1 bed2

Since he’s had almost two weeks in his new bed, I can report the following:

– He loves having power. i.e. the power to get in and out of bed whenever he wants.  There are times during nap when I’ll find him in the playroom playing with his trucks or going through his closet. Basically, not napping.  We’ve definitely lost some naps but it seems to even itself because he goes to bed earlier those nights or he’ll nap long and hard the next day.

– Nighttime is nearly unchangeable.  He went to bed really well in his crib. He does the same in his toddler bed.

– I think part of the nap challenge is how bright it is in his room during naptime.  I am hoping that if I buy some blackout curtains in the next few weeks, that will help him get into a better naptime groove.  Drawing the curtains so it get’s nice and dark in there.

– He loves jumping on his bed and was just beside himself when I suggested that Landon come in and sleep in his bed with him for a little bit one evening.  They loved their Brother Bedtime – and although I had to cut it off after about 15 mins of crazy in there (where they were winding themselves up instead of winding down), it was still so fun to see them share a bed.

One of the times I went to “check on him” because I could tell he wasn’t napping, I found him here:


Yep, he took his diaper and clothes off, hopped onto the potty by himself and was doing his thing.  We haven’t pushed potty training much until recently. He seemed to want to start using the Elmo potty, and he probably goes on it at least once a day during the week and 1-2 times a day on the weekends.  We’re still not pushing anything consistently yet, but I think he’ll be well on his potty training way soon!  Of course the ‘mahmellohs’ (marshmallows) he gets each time he goes on the potty are also persuasive 🙂

This little two year old is checking off his milestones right and left.


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