Copycat Chow Mein

I love when people post recipes to copycat recipes – I’ll often save the link – and then I forget to go back to it later and test it out.

Since I’ve been slacking in the “mix it up” lately for recipes, I decided to force myself to try something new.  I found the Copy Cat Panda Express Chow Mein recipe in my “save for later” files and tried it out (recipe here).

I made a few changes from the original recipe –  I added chicken (cooked it up first before adding the celery and cabbage).  I also punched it up with more garlic and ginger – about double what the recipe called for.  And I couldn’t find the Yaki Soba noodles that they called for so I used some other gluten free produce-type noodle that I found in the fresh veggie section and it turned out great.

asian noodles

And the best part for my kiddos – using their authentic Chinese chopsticks (from Gigi and Papa’s trip to China last year!)

Hopefully, this will inspire me to try some more new recipes this summer!


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