A Favorite Homemade Gift

I know as a mom, there will be lots of homemade gifts coming my way over the next few years.  My boys are a little young still to “create” a lot from scratch, but I received my first super-personalized gift from Landon this Mother’s Day.

It’s not that handprints or framed pics aren’t adorable and personal – they are… but it was the first time he had to put into words what our relationship is to him.

Landon gave me a glass jar with the things he loves about his mom.   I love that he had to come up with ideas for the gift.  The teachers at his school always do such a great job making us feel special and loved by our kids on all the holidays, and this was my favorite gift from Landon thus far.

Here are Landon’s favorite things about his mom – straight from his mouth to the popsicle stick:

gift1 gift2

Yes, these are all things I love to do with my kiddos too.  It’s so special to share these sweet moments with my kids and see that they find just as much joy and fun in the mundane (going to the store – i.e. errands) as they do during the special not-as-common activities (going to get fro-yo).

I have a feeling as my boys continue to grow, they are going to be giving me lots of personalized and straight-from-the-heart gifts – and I think that’s one of the best perks of being a mom.


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