First Flower – Brooks

I am so thankful for sweet boys.

Boys who love their momma. Boys who love to snuggle on my lap during reading time.  Boys who adore mom’s hugs and kisses and never let me leave without them.

I am so thankful for fun boys.

Boys who would rather be outside than anywhere else.  Boys who love cars and trains and trucks (and anything with wheels).  Boys who scrape their knees and then quickly get up and run around. Boys who love balls and bats and rackets.  Boys who cry when it’s naptime or bedtime because they love to play so hard.

I am so thankful for generous boys.

Boys who love to share with each other.  Boys who love to help each other learn new things.  Boys who love to shower their momma with sweet handpicked flowers.

Especially when it’s his first handpicked flower for mom.  Selected without any prompting.

I think he picked the best one. Don’t you?

first flower


Thank you, Brooks, for this heartfelt token of love for your momma.


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