We went to the zoo.



We went to the zoo.

– Seeing the giraffes up super close.
– The penguin feeding session.  Brooks and Landon loved it and they were very vocal about it!
– Seeing the elephants.  The kids loved those big animals!
– The weather – it was a perfect day – not to hot, but nice and warm
– Lunch out of the trunk of the car afterwards
– Sleepy boys on the way home who were worn out from so much fun!
– Hanging with my bestie and chatting on the car ride while our boys watched movies or slept in the back.

For Brooks – Seeing the giraffes up close.  He did not like them in his space.
– Forgetting the stroller so we had to carry Brooks – a lot!
– Feeding the animals – my kids were too scared. Brooks fed on goat a food pellet and then threw the rest at him because he didn’t like the licking.
– A lot of the ‘big ticket’ animals were either not able to be seen or were on ‘vacation’ to other zoos.  (Bear, Lion, Tiger, Monkeys, Alligators, Gorilla, etc)

All in all, it was a great family day!


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