How to make your adult kids happy

Dear grandparents,

I’d like to share a recipe for making your adult kids happy:

– Without their knowledge, book a cute cabin in the mountains so they can get away for a kid-free weekend of relaxation.

– Schedule some free time and some suggested activities

– Give them some spending money to “force” them to enjoy themselves with some extra activities. 🙂

– Pack an entire cooler of food and beverages so that they literally don’t have to do a thing.

– Have their spouses pack their bags (and the kids’ bags).

– Have their husband call surprise them with 30 mins notice to get to a meeting spot on a Friday afternoon to be whisked away for a weekend of fun with the siblings and spouses.

– Take care of all 5 of your grandkids (aged 4, 4, 2, 2, 2) for two nights so your kiddo’s get some sibling and spouse time.

Last weekend, my sister, brother and I hit the road with our spouses for some awesome kid-free time. Some laughter. Shared stories. And new memories.

Yes, this is a recipe for a super awesome weekend to refresh and recharge.

Yes, my parents really are that great for surprising us with a fully planned weekend away!

Maybe I’ll even post some pics of our trip next week!



  1. That is awesome! Jealous! My mom is the only one who ever helps in my family with kids or giving us a break, but due to distance it doesn’t happen much. I vow to be this kind of grandparent for my kids and future grandkids!

    1. Agreed – it is so awesome to have family involved. Both my parents and my husband’s parents do a great job keeping up with our kids and it is such a blessing. Plus my kids love their close relationship.

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