The little things

So often, I go through my day, my week, my month and forget to acknowledge a special someone who takes care of so many of the “little things”.  Things I recognize when my special someone is away for a few days and I realize I have to do them on my own.  Things I appreciate when I think of the single moms out there who have to remember all of these things.

The garbage bins that always make it to the curb on the right day, and back into the house before I get home that night.

The kids who have their lunches packed and are sometimes out the door for school before I get up.

The garden that looks green and fresh because someone remembers to water it regularly. While someone else (me) forgets.

The cars who always have their tires pressurized, oil changed and brakes replaced.

The one who knows how to install all of our carseats.  (I do not.)

The person who constantly adjusts our thermostat to ensure that we aren’t paying an arm and a leg when no one is at home.

The tech guru who sets me up on my latest gadget so I don’t have to “fiddle with manuals”.

The guy who starts the load of laundry as soon as we get back from vacation with our dirty clothes pile.

The one who sends me reminder texts when I have to occasionally pick up the kids from school.

The chef who knows how to man-handle the grill and cooks up a mean burger.

Yes, husband, I am so thankful for all the little things you do to make my life easier.


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