Dad’s Day Beach Trip

For Dad’s Day this year, we decided to head to the beach.  Several reasons – first, Dean and his dad were going to the U.S. Open in Pinehurst, so with his dad being in town, we figured it would be a great time for us to get together and let the kids enjoy some Grandpop time!  Plus, it seemed like the perfect reason to enjoy a low key weekend – Father’s Day. A time when the guys are supposed to relax, right?!

So a quick rundown of the highlights of our trip:

1. Lots of time letting the kids run around outside and playing on the swingset.  There was a trip each day we were there! Sidenote: Landon is getting to be such a big boy… no longer needing mom and dad to push him.  It’s the baby milestones that strike me all the time – the little flashes of his independence that come closer together as he grows.


2. Lots of treats – whether it was pizza or hot dogs or ice cream cones and donuts, we definitely had our fill of beach treats. And the boys just loved the relaxing schedule we kept. We never had to be anywhere at a set time, so everything was go with the flow.





3. A whole morning at the beach.  We spent about 3 hours digging in the sand, building castles and fighting waves.  The kids took about 75 trips from the edge of the water to our beach chair set up so they definitely got in their morning exercise and napped hard afterwards.  Brooks tried to be brave and got knocked over once or twice by the waves, but got back up and did it again.  This boy never says die.


4. And then on Sunday morning we spent a few hours at the condo pool, which is awesome  because it was a zero entry so there was plenty of shallow water. We figure, get the kids exhausted with some water play and then let them sleep the car ride away.  Both of our kids found themselves taking in water in an area that was too deep for them and it just confirmed the fact that we need to get them in swim lessons ASAP.  I want them to be able to paddle themselves to the side of the pool if they go in too deep or if they get accidentally knocked into an area where they can’t reach.


Exhausted boys sleeping their car ride home:  CHECK!

All in all it was a great time and I’m sure we’ll try to hit the beach at least one more time this summer, plus we have our Maine trip to look forward to.


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