When there’s no end date

I find that things are harder to commit to when there is no end date.

Growing up there was always a first day of school and a last.
Even in college, there were defined starts and ends to the semester and it was only a four year foray.
Sports have a start and end to the season.

I think with things that have a defined end date, it’s easier to stay committed, knowing that you have a set amount of time. It’s not to say that it’s easy the whole way through but there is a defined finish to it.

I think sometimes it’s harder to stay continually focused and
“on” when there is no end date –
i.e. exercising, parenting, eating healthy, working, quiet time, marriage

You can’t just say “only 26 more days and then you get a break”, these things are a constant. With those things that don’t have an end date, I find that my life is more cyclical. There are more ups and downs with them – times when I am rocking it and times when I am struggling through them.

Do you find it’s the same… that tasks with no end date tend to have more peaks and valleys?


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