I’m becoming my mother…

When I was little, it always perturbed me when my mother would make us hang our towels up in the bathroom or eat our food in the kitchen.  I mean, really, was the carpet going to be destroyed with a couple hours of wet towel?

Now that I’m a mom raising two monsters well-behaved angels, I’ve never felt more like her.

Just like she told me, I tell my kids:

“You need to make your bed every morning.  It only takes two minutes but you need to do it each day.” (This one is only for the big guy, the little one is not at bed making status yet.)

“Hang up your towels.  Don’t leave your wet clothes and towels on my nice wood furniture or across the floors.”

“Go clean up your playroom.  You don’t live in a zoo.  This is a home where things get put away.” (Gosh, that is probably word for word from her mouth.)

“We are not eating crackers and snacks right now, I have dinner on the stove.”

“Yes, celery and peanut butter is your dessert/treat tonight.”

“Mom and dad are in charge here, so we get to tell you what to do and when to do it. Now go get ready for a shower and put your toys away.”

And just like she did, I:

– tickle my kids back when I tuck them in at night (and sometimes trick them into giving me backrubs – “Yes, we can practice your counting while you rub my arm!”)

– teach them to be independent – to use a fork and knife, to get their own dish of yogurt out of the fridge, to put their laundry away after I fold it, shower themselves

– cheer super loud and hard when they do awesome things (even if it’s super obnoxious and we are in public)

– try to instill a sense of contentment with who they are. That no matter what they do, they can be great at it.

– want them to be a million times better than me so I want to give them every opportunity for success, whether it be educational, athletic, personality, etc.

I want my kids to be awesome. I want them to grow into world changing leaders who charge ahead and follow their dreams. Who don’t believe that they have to do it like everyone else does.  Who know that they can be smart and funny and thoughtful and generous and different and opinionated and respectful.  And most of all… awesome.


One comment

  1. And as Gram would say…”see told ya so!” Your a great mom and have your own style and its beautiful. Love seeing you as a compassionate mom. XO Mom

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