Spring Family Photoshoot

We recently had some pics taken of the four of us at Freedom Park in Charlotte.

The kids did so great. It was hot and we all had jeans on so I was expecting some meltdowns, but they were troopers.

Pictures are one of my favorite things in life. I have tons of pics on my camera/computer and I love looking back at old albums and reminiscing on past moments. I am pretty good about remembering to do family pics at least once each year. And it’s awesome to see how each year the kids get so much bigger.  (…and seeing how Brooks looks like Landon did just a few years ago!)

I’m sure I’ll be looking back on these in a few years and remembering my little 4 and 2 year olds and all of their quirks and silliness.

fam1 fam2 fam3 fam4 fam5 fam6 fam7 fam8 fam9 fam99

Preciousness, I tell you. I just want to kiss those cheeks and cuddle them up!

(All photos taken by MRS Photography)


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