Looking forward while loving now

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m doing a better job of enjoying “living in the now” with my family than I probably ever have. During the first year of life for both my kids, I often found myself musing “When they sleep through the night…” or “when they can walk…” and fill my mind with all the great things we were going to do.

Maybe I just love this age!  My kids are somewhat self sufficient (the big guy dresses himself and they both use their own two feet to get around!) but also still really cuddly. I love the feeling of my boys just loving me and needing me but also having a lot of independence and growth in their own personal development.

I am proud that I’m doing a better job of “living in the now” and really enjoying it. I find myself savoring the moments where Landon rides his bike next to me as we go on a run.  I love watching Brooks “swim” in the kids area of our pool – building enough courage to try the waterslide.  I feel myself taking more “mental snapshots” than ever.  Willing myself to remember these moments and days because I know they will soon slip from my mind.

We are in the perfect stage of life. Kids who love being around mom and dad. Kids who think it’s “cool” to be respectful and listen. Kids who love to be active and are capable of doing lots of outside things on their own (I don’t have to force them off of technology – yet!). Kids who love loving each other and get along 95% of the time. Kids who go to bed early so mom and dad can have some downtime!

Of course, I still think about the days when we’ll all be able to ride two-wheeled bikes together and I imagine what it will be like when they visit Disney for the first time. But these thoughts are marred by a twinge of hesitation, knowing that by then, we’ll be past this stage.  And with the next stage come a whole new set of joys and challenges – lots of time running around to kids activities, homework and school, friends who are “cooler than family” and tantrums that escalate past a few crocodile tears.

So for now, I will continue to take my mental snapshots and love the contentedness I feel in this stage of life.


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