It seems impossible…

Sometimes, when I’m in the thick of life, I’ll hit patches that seem impossible.

When my newborn baby is up every hour all night for days straight. A good nights sleep seems impossible.

When I am on the 4th mile of a 6 mile run and it’s pushing 90° at 10am.  Making it back home upright seems impossible.

When my husband and I have the same argument for the third time this month and I feel frustrated.  Hitting our golden anniversary (50 years – my personal goal!) seems impossible.

When we face the challenges of a second newborn with the busyness of a toddler.  Plus working 40+ hours a week.  Managing it all (and doing it well) seems impossible.

When I look at my to do list and there are things on it that I have been there for months.  Finding time for everything seems impossible.

When I’m faced with “impossibles” I look back and remember that when I thought it was impossible, I made it through.  We made it through that stage of infancy/childhood. Or we worked through the argument.

I need to remember that I’ve succeeded when I thought I couldn’t. And use that to push through my current “impossibles”.


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