How we celebrated America’s birthday

Happy Birthday America – you’re an old lady, now, aren’t you?!

Here’s how I celebrated the 4th weekend with my favorite three men – by the numbers:

2 – inches of downpour that hit right when we were heading out to the symphony park
3 – hours we waited out the rain to enjoy fireworks at Pops in the Park.
5 – times during the fireworks that I thought it was the Grand Finale – but it just kept going – awesome!
11 – My boys bedtime on both the 3rd and 4th. Yes, they were exhausted but it was a fun, fun weekend
2 – tries that the hubs and I attempted for our 4th of July selfie.
42 – times I smiled at the fact that we got to go to a fun neighborhood party across the street from our house on the 4th. Awesome, I tell you. We got to take potty breaks in our house, refill the cooler and enjoy the convenience of everything close by, but didn’t have the prep and clean up.  (Well, we did have some cleanup – our house is right near the firework blast off zone and so we had a cardboard confetti yard in the morning!)
2 – # sparklers my kids waved around like little banshee’s!  It was their first time and they loved it.
0 – cookies that were left to bring home from our neighborhood party – the red, white and blue mini gobs were a hit!


We also had some fun cousin time at the pool, ate lots of treats, finished some chairs, and just generally enjoyed a long relaxing weekend!


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