The only secondborn


We have one secondborn in our family of firstborns.  Or maybe he’s considered last born because he’s also going to be the baby of the family.

And it’s so interesting to see how his personality traits differ from the traits that Dean, Landon and I share.

As the three firstborns, we share a lot of the common firstborn traits:  Responsible, Rule Followers, Achiever, Director of other family members (i.e. tell the others what to do!), Pressure (to be a success and do well), Fear of Failure

And then there is Brooks…

Golly, that boy is his own person.  And I’m a little bit jealous of the freedom and wide-openness he has.


My Brooks is strong, brave, marches to his own beat, not afraid to try new things, always wants to do what the bigger kids are doing, challenges authority, loves life, is a little free-spirit and has such a spunk and spice for life.  He doesn’t shy away from meeting new people or trying something new. He is full of energy and is always ready to go-go-go.  Yes, that little boy’s confidence along with his cuddliness makes him a formidable package.

Because of his wild nature, I’m trying to walk the fine line between molding him into an awesome little man who is respectful and caring without breaking his spirit.




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