Happy Halfbirthday: Brooks 2.5

Oh the places you are going Brooksie!  And we are blessed to be along for the ride.  On this halfbirthday, I am reminded of how awesome you are and the life you bring to our little fam!

I thank God each and every day that you were handpicked for our family.  You bring cuddles and fun and crazy dance moves and funny food faces to our life.

You do so many things so well. I love hearing your stories and millions of questions each day. It shocks me the things that come out of that little mouth.  You speak like a 40-year-old man.

You are doing such a great job potty training and we are so proud of how well you wear your Cars undies.  (Last weekend you went two days in undies with no accidents – go you! – we did do diapers for nap and bed!) Anything for your ‘mah-mallows’!

big boy undies

You love riding your bike and have finally got the pedaling part down! It’s so sweet to see you pedal down the driveway and then hear your brother cheer you on.  “You’re doing it Brooksie, you’re doing it!”

You have no fear – “Swing me super duper high!” is your favorite chant on the swingset.

You are a mini-farmer. Always pointing out the best tomatoes to bring in and, of course, having a few tastes in the garden!

You crack me up with your favorite songs… still “Let it Go” from Frozen and “I have Decided” and “Grace so Glorious” from Elevation Worship.  And sometimes you tell me “I like this song.” when a crazy rap/pop tune comes on the radio.


You love breakfast – especially pancakes, oatmeal, waffles and cereal.  And you can always finish  more fruit!

You love telling us about the Special Helper at school and are always so proud of the artwork you bring home.

You really enjoy saying the dinner prayer and sometimes cry when Landon gets to do it.  But we always make time for you to do your own second prayer and you cheer so hard at the end!

You’re a true performer – you love having an audience and have no fear when it comes to doing things. You’re always brave and will jump right in!

You are a fish. You love the pool and we love taking you to and watching you swim in the deep end and bounce and splash around the slide area too. You live by the motto – A little water in the face never hurt anyone!


You love being a helper. You constantly want to sit on the counter or pull up a chair so you can mix, pour, shake, etc all of the ingredients.

You are awesome. You are incredibly loved. And we just cannot imagine life without our fun-busy-messy-rambunctious-cuddly-squeezable-kissyfaced blondie!  Happy happy halfbirthday Brookster!



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