Moving on up…

It’s crazy to think that Landon only has one more year of preschool and this time next year we’ll be buying backpacks and school clothes for him!  Aaagghh… Slow down time! I love how precious he is right now. He loves to learn. Loves to figure things out. Loves to try new things. And just is a great little boy.

He is going to be moving up to his new school class this fall – the 4s class… and they did a little graduation ceremony at school to celebrate.

I’m so proud of this little guy.

grad kids7

Yep, this was our best family shot of 4 options. Brooks would not get off his face 🙂

grad kids1

grad kids2

“Wow, this performance is amazing… Grammy-worthy! Can’t. Take. Eyes. Away.”

grad kids3

grad kids4

Brooksie’s class also gave a rousing performance.  Yes, my kid was the one on stage either picking his nose or pulling on his shoe.  Always a proud mama!

grad kids5

grad kids6

I believe Brooks will be in his class for a while. He still needs to be fully potty trained and probably work on a letter or two (or twenty six) before he’s ready for the next class. But we’re in no rush. This sweet thing is just happy as can be in his 2’s class and talks about his great teachers and friends every day.  I am so proud of how much he is learning and how his little mind is developing.  He is always so happy at school and playing with his friends.

What a blessing to have two smart, amazing boys who love their preschool program.


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