Mom Time

I love having “Mom Time” with my kids.  Often on Saturday mornings, I get to spend extra time with these guys.  Lately, I’ve been taking them on my Sat morning runs and while pushing the stroller makes the run extra challenging, it’s sweet time with my kids.

Usually Brooks chills in the stroller and asks 20,000 questions while I huff and puff. “Mom, what’s that kind of flower?”  “Mom, did you see that owl?” (Sometimes, I have to tell him no more questions until I can catch my breath!)

And Landon rocks it out on his bike. He’s been getting better and better with the distance. He used to stop 5 times during the ride and now it’s only 1-2 times (and the last times he had 0 breaks!!)  When it gets extra tough on the long inclines, we’ll play – “would you rather… “- to help him keep his mind off of his burning legs.  (You know… “would you rather eat pizza or ice cream?” “Would you rather go to the pool or to the playground?”)

Then if they are up for it, we’ll hit the school playground across from our neighborhood and I’ll get in a little bit of “faster/no stroller running” in while they play on the slides.

Usually they do about 3-3.5 miles and then I do about an extra mile while they play. It’s definitely a win-win-win. (And 4 miles pushing a stroller is infinitely harder than 6 miles alone!!) 🙂

momtime1 momtime2

I love these sweet things and our mom time!



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