Bucket List Goal: Half Marathon

I’ve decided that this is the year I’m going to cross something off of my bucket list/goals.  Running a half marathon.

I enjoy running. The way it clears my mind. My own personal time to reflect and think about life. It’s often some of my best planning/creative-thought time.  And now I’m going to have a set schedule of it!

I’m planning to do training this fall – Oct/Nov timeframe (when it’s a little cooler outside), so I’m going to start looking at my options for half marathons around December.   I don’t know if I have a goal for it yet – as far as a time.  I know it would be awesome to do something under 2 hours, but that is a VERY fast pace for me – 9 min miles for 13 of them!

This past weekend I went out and ran just to see how far I could run and I did a 9 miler. My previous best was 7 miles, so I know that I can do it, my concern is how well my knees will hold up during training.

This is always something I’ve wanted to cross off of my bucket list, so here we go.

I guess this means I’m committing to lots more of these views:



PS – I figure if I post this on my blog, I can’t back out 🙂  So, here’s to commitment!


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