DIY: Decorated letter

I’ve been looking for new ideas for shelf décor and ways to mix up the home decorations in our house.  I want to have some fresh looks outside of the same frames and vases I’ve used since I got my first house.

Since then, I’ve gotten married and had two kids and want to update some of my looks so I’m not just working with ‘college years leftovers’.

This means, I’ll occasionally peruse the aisles and Michael’s and Hobby Lobby for inspiration.

I’ve always loved a cute monogram, so decided I wanted to make my own decorated letter for our living room shelves.

It was so easy to do and took literally 20 minutes of actual time (not including paint and glue dry time!)

Here’s how I did it.

I painted the edges of my letter so they would “finish” out the sides and also tie in with the paper I picked.

I let it dry overnight.

Then I took my decorative paper and turned it face down on the table. Then I put my letter face down on top and traced it out, that way I would be sure that the printed side would be cut properly.

I traced and cut out the “D”.

Then I modge podged the paper cut out onto the front and let it dry for an hour.

Bam – project completed and a new addition to my shelves!

(And here is the picture tutorial)

DIY letter

What are some of the other things you use to fill your shelves?


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