Awesome things.

Isn’t it great how some things in life just put a huge smile on your face?  Here are some of the things that I think are just awesome:

1- the fact that Landon can totally keep up, and even rock our bike ride/runs.  The first 3-4 times he’d often stop because his legs hurt or whine that he wanted to just be at home.  But now the kid is killing it. He keeps me on an 8 min mile pace for some of it because I have to try to keep up.  And his legs are strong and don’t need breaks.

2- Brooks has never been a big snuggler, but over the past few weeks, he’ll come in bed with me in the morning for an ‘under the covers snuggl’e.  He’ll hop in Dean’s spot and just lay there next to me resting as I wake up.  Landon used to do this all the time and I loved it.  I’m glad Brooks has continued the trend.

3 – my husband watched an online video for cutting watermelon easy with no mess and it’s awesome. We’ve chopped up 2-3 this way already and it cracks me up how excited he gets to try out his “new technique”.

4 – we finally have a DVD player set up in our house.  We aren’t big movie watchers because we have two kids so when we have a couple free hours, it’s usually not going to be spent watching a movie.  But recently Dean bought a converter-thingy that allows us to watch our movies on our big TV in the living room. So we went to REDBOX and rented the second Hunger Games movie for an “at home date night”.  I am loving that we have DVD access again, in case we get a wild streak and want to rent something.

5 – we’ve been working hard to make sure we are keeping lots of family activities on our calendar. It gets easy to get caught up in social events with adults or nights out, and I know that our kids have a hard time when we have a lot going on that keeps us away.  Lately we’ve been doing lots of things with just the 4 of us and it’s been great.  Plus, the kids love mom and dad time.

6 – our garden is still rocking.  I don’t know how many tomatoes and cukes we’ve harvested so far, but it’s a lot – like… giving away 3-5 a week and still getting sick of them! ha!  Plus our basil is on overload.  We have too much.  Next year I think we will try our hand at a few other things and see how we do with them – maybe some spicy jalapenos or fresh lettuce?

7 – Brooks is starting to learn a few bible verses and he is doing awesome. Plus he loves it. Each night when I tuck him in, he asks me if we can “do a new verse.”  He has two almost memorized now and hopefully we’ll add more as he gets them down.

Life is always busy and full.  It’s good to take a minute recognize the awesome things going on and remember how blessed our life is.


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