Serving with our kids: Love Week

Each year, Elevation Church hosts LOVE WEEK, where they have thousands of opportunities to serve our city through their outreach partnerships.  It can be building houses, serving the homeless, packaging meals, landscape, painting, etc.  There are tons of opportunities to serve.

I think it’s really important for our kids to understand the importance of serving as they grow up.  I want them to be active in their community and not only help others with money but also with their time.  Especially as they are a little older and can start to understand what it means to have a servants heart.

During LOVE Week, we participated in two activities as a family (and one activity where Dean and I served with our couples eGroup).

One (when Grammy was in town) was packaging rice meals to go to Nicaragua.  I think the church packaged over 600,000 meals during the week and it was great to get involved.  The kids loved watching and we talked about it later on.  That there are some kids who only get to eat one meal a day and they don’t get treats like mac-n-cheese or ice cream but they eat things like rice each day and are grateful for it.

(P.S. Who wouldn’t want to serve with the stud in the bottom pic?!)



The next weekend of LOVE week, we served with Hope Cancer Ministries and delivered food and socialized with people who are either in the midst of cancer treatment or are within a year of their clean diagnosis.

We got to meet two families – who are both in the one year from getting their clean diagnosis.


We talked with the kids about how these families need love and support because they were just really sick and had to go to the doctor a lot and didn’t feel good for a very long time.

It isn’t always the easiest thing to serve with kids.  At one of the houses, Brooks would not stop touching her figurines and other fragile items. But I don’t want that to be a reason not to serve. As he grows, he will continue to learn proper behavior when we are at others homes and also hopefully understand the importance of treating others with care and respect.

Dean and I have even talked about taking a few days off of work during LOVE week when the kids are a little older and really trying to do several days of multiple serve projects.  Our family is beyond blessed and I hope my kids recognize that they have a wonderful life compared to many others. I want them to learn to be grateful and put things in perspective.  I want them to love caring for and nurturing others.

And LOVE week is just a small start to this.






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