You always need your momma.

I feel like as I’ve grown in age, I’ve also grown in appreciation for my mom.  Being able to understand what she went through to make sure our family had a good life.  The way she makes my dad so happy.  The hard worker she is. And just how proud I am of all of her accomplishments.

Today is her birthday and since she’s been on my mind all weekend, I’ve put together a list of reasons I’ll always need my mom.

1 – Parenting advice.  I still call her late some nights when my kids have a mysterious illness or something seems off. I’ll ask her how she did something to parent us when we were little.  She gives great advice that I can choose to use, or may jog my mind for another way to approach the situation.

2 – Encouragement.  There have been several times in my adult years where I felt like things weren’t going as I hoped or things were off and in those moments, she’s always been able to offer a word of encouragement to help get me going again. Sometimes you just need your mom to help you work through a hard time.

3 – Decorating, purchasing advice.  I love being able to ask my mom for ideas on decorating a house or doing a project, tips for gardening, advice on wedding dress shopping and home features to look for.  I love that she often has practical advice and like me, she always wants to do it the most efficient way. (I wonder where I get that from?!)

4 – Just to chat.  Sometimes I just want to have an adult conversation with someone who knows me well and knows all my quirks and struggles.  I love when we get to have lunch dates or hang out together by the poolside catching up while the kids play.  It’s so nice to have someone who knows my personality so well and the conversation always flows so easily.

5 – and probably my mom’s best trait…  Her sense of humor.  There are so many times where we’ve just died laughing over situations or stories.  We’ve had so many fun moments together – from coaching a team of uncommitted volleyball players, to learning how to drive a stick and of course, many flip flop fails, we can always seem to make any situation humorous.  It’s definitely the biggest reason I love hanging out with my momma.

Yes, I’ll always need my mom.  I strive to be like her and I still look up to her (and probably always will).


Happy birthday Mom. You are the BEST! 🙂



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  1. This is so thoughtful and sweet. You’re a great mom and I love watching you raise your boys. I look forward to many more chat times, silly memory making opportunities, and home decorating projects. Thanks for this special birthday note…a great gift!

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