I can feel blessed and overwhelmed.

Life is funny sometimes.  It’s funny when you feel contradicting feelings.  It’s odd to be in two very different mindsets at the same time.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot of blessing and a lot of overwhelmed.  Odd, isn’t it.  Two very different feelings but at the same time.

I know I’m blessed.  And I feel blessed. I have a husband who is so great to me and so great for me.  I have two super duper awesome kids who are strong and healthy and smart and so fun.  I live in a great town and am close to family that I get to see so often. I have in-laws who really support our family and kids and do so much for us.  I have a job that I really enjoy doing with coworkers I like to be around.  I have a body that can run and move and is healthy.  I am plugged in to a great church with good bible studies.  I have great friends that I can lean on and who always have my back.  I get to do fun things like take vacations and update our house because we have been blessed with financial margin.  We have a fun social circle and great people in our lives.  Yes, we are so blessed.

At the same time, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed.  I feel overwhelmed with how much there is to do all the time.  The laundry that never ends and the little mouths to feed and wipe… and feed and wipe.  I am overwhelmed with how much I feel I could be doing better – reading the bible, exercising, reading self-help books (like parenting or being a better wife).  The house feels so unfinished – we’ve been there for almost a year and are just now touching some of the rooms.

And there are always so many things to do and invitations for fun.  I have a love/hate relationship with my weekends where I have 19 items on the agenda and they all have to get done.  The parties, the errands, the chores. It always seems to be go. go. go. It’s hard when I cross 3 things off my list but 7 more replace them.  There are some weeks at work when there is so much to be done and so many things happening at the same time and I think – how can this all possibly get done?  And then I realize, just like everything else, it happens one thing at a time.  And the thing for me to realize is that my to do list will never be done.  There are always things I’ll need to do.

When I look at the silver lining, it’s a blessing that I get to do things on my to-do list.  That I have time to make crafts or go to birthday parties with my kids. I am blessed for a job that keeps me busy and engaged.  I get to spend time running errands instead of being stuck in bed like some people are.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that all the things that cause me to be overwhelmed can also be looked at as a blessing.  A lovely house that requires upkeep.  Crafts that I can afford to do.  Social circles for Dean and I (and our kids) that we get to be part of.  Family to spend time with.  And little boys that I have the blessing of feeding and bathing and providing for.

Yes, it is overwhelming to be as blessed as I am.


One comment

  1. I love this! It sums up the day and the life of a highly blessed but overwhelmed Wife, Mother and Business Woman. Sounds exactly like me however I have 3 sons….:-)
    Thanks for sharing!

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