He’s an elephant…

They say elephants remember everything.  I have my own little elephant on my hands:


This kid remembers everything.

“Mom, remember you said that we could read the Dinosaurs cards tonight.”

“Mom, you told me that we were going to the pool after nap, but we didn’t go.”

“Remember when you said we could go outside after dinner today, but we didn’t.”

Most of these reminders are at 8:15 at night, when he’s getting tucked in for bed.  Funny his timing.

Yes, I know that trick – anything to keep mom talking. Anything to stay up a little later.

Over the past 4 years, I haven’t given much thought to making sure I meet EVERY SINGLE COMMITMENT during the day.  When he asks for play dough before nap, and I commit to do it after dinner, then I expect him to remind me after dinner if it’s something he really wants to do.  if I don’t hear anything else about it, then I don’t remember to do it, or I think the idea has worn off for him.  Kids are like that sometimes – hot about it one minute then cold the next.

But no, my little elephant, he always remembers.



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