Kids Say: What makes you mad?

Landon recently moved up to a new room at school – the 4’s room and as part of his move, we participated in the Open House at his preschool.  All the parents sat in a short meeting and during the introduction, I noticed a easel board behind the teacher with their discussion and activities of the day.  It seemed like the day was letter “M” day because there were a lot of “M” items in the room.

Then I saw on the easel that they did an interactive question with the kids, “What makes you mad?” and each kid shared something that made them mad.


I couldn’t help but chuckle outloud when I read my sons response.


When my daddy steals the ball from me during basketball“.  The teacher even commented: (haha 🙂 )

All the other kids had things like, when I’m left out, when my mom yells, when I have to go to bed early, but not my kid.  Nope, he gets mad at dad when dad doesn’t play fair.

And it’s even funnier because sometimes I’ll tell the hubs to go a little easier on boys when they are playing, and Dean will just dunk over and over while Landon and Brooks barely get a turn.  Dean says he’s trying to “toughen them up” so they can play with the big kids.

Of course, all the other parents were laughing when they saw Landon’s answer.  There stood my introverted husband (aka BALL HOG), who usually sneaks in and out without much of a word to anyone at pick up/drop off, taking heat from the other parents.


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