Say my name Scout!

We have a Scout talking puppy dog at our house.  Landon got him when he was a new baby and used to loooove signing and dancing to his songs when he was 8 months to about 18 months old.

Here’s what Scout looks like:


If you push the buttons on his paws then he signs and talks to you – and you get to program him with your kids name so he includes it during some of his songs…

Me and my friend, Landon! We like to do everything together…”
“Let’s snuggle up Landon!”

Scout has been sitting in the toy box in the playroom untouched for over a year now.  I know mostly because he ate batteries and the last time they ran out we didn’t change them.

Earlier this week, I came home from work to find both boys super excited and bouncing around with a singing Scout. I don’t know if his batteries recharged sitting there for so long or if Ms. Jennifer changed them out, but they were thrilled to hear Scout talk and sing.  Every time he said “LANDON” they both died laughing.

“Mom, wook at dis.  He says Landon!!” Brooks told me as I walked in the door.

The excitement over Scout continued as Dean and I prepped dinner in the kitchen.

After we ate, Dean and I looked over to the living room and saw Brooks squeezing Scout’s buttons, shaking him around and yelling, ” Say my name.  Say Bwooksie.  SAY BWOOKSIE!!” mad at Scout for not including him in his songs!

Dean and I chuckled to each other as Brooks continued to get mad at the poorly trained pup.

Later that night, Dean re-programmed the dog to say Brooks and surprised him upstairs in the playroom with the newly “trained” Scout.  You can imagine how thrilled Brooks was when the dog was saying his name.  He pushed the play buttons over and over scrolling through the options until the “Brooks songs” came on.

Needless to say, Scout is a new favorite in the Dean house.  At least for this week.


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