I’ll get around to it…

I know I need to download and post my pictures of Maine, but that motivation is just NOT THERE!

So, since I found a couple pics from the baptism on my dad’s camera while looking for client pictures, I’m going to post those today.

Maine was such a great family time for us.  I needed time away – from house stuff, from work, from our normal routines and never-ending to-do lists.  It was a so nice to have an open schedule.  To read leisurely and not feel like I had housework that had to be done.  To indulge in lobster every. single. night. (Yummmmmm!) To spend 24/7 hanging out together and letting our kids just spend all day being kids. No school. No schedule. Just freedom.

I need to do a better job of family vacation time and planned time away.  It’s not the same taking the day off and being at home where there are tasks to be done.

Just a few days here and there during the year of leisurely, lazy days and relaxed, fun nights.

These are pictures right before the baptism started:

maine bapt

My sis and I with Lawson and Brooks.


maine bapt2

And then the Dean and Kamm families.


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