It’s Fall…

This fall, we have lots of plans for our family.

– A trip to the pumpkin patch (of course!) but also looking at a trip to go apple picking in the mountains.  We’ve never gone apple picking before!

– A weekend away as our family of four to either the beach or the mountains.  Just a couple days to hang together and enjoy Team Dean.

– Planting tulips.  Tulips are my favorite flower.  This fall, I’m going to work with my special garden helpers to plant a small patch of tulips out front.  I know they’ll be my favorite thing this spring!

– Baking with my sous chefs.  I’ve recently started “cooking class” with my kids.  This is where they like to be my audience while I make special dishes – I usually add some flair and a French/European accent.  Other times, they get right in there and are my super assistants – mixing and sprinkling and stirring.  Fall is my favorite time of the year for trying new recipes and heating up the kitchen.

– Coffee/Tea/Donut dates.  With the mornings getting cooler, I can guarantee we’ll be hitting up the Dunkin several Saturday mornings for a family date.

– A football party.  I’m sure at least one weekend we’ll invite over people over for a game day – food, football, family, friends. (3 of my favorite F’s – guess which one isn’t!?)

Yes, our fall is bound to be full of family time and fun experiences.


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