DIY: kids name on the wall

I really want to personalize the boys room in our new house (do you get to say new if you lived there almost a year?!) as I’m starting to decorate them.  Yes, decorating this house has been a slow process. Mostly because I’m not just going to go out and spend a thousand bucks on décor. And partially because I like time to think about what I am going to do and I want to be fully committed before starting.

I knew I wanted to do something in each kids room that reflects their name.  In Brooks’ room I decided to buy large wooden letters and hang them on his wall.  It was super easy to do.  I bought paint/primer in one spraypaint in a navy color and went to town:

brooks hang paint

I just did it in the grass knowing that it would grow back.  (I actually did the painting a month or two ago, when the grass was still growing 😉 ).  I propped the letters up on upside down cans of corn and green beans so that the grass wouldn’t affect the finish and I could easily get all the sides.

I was debating how to hang them on the wall because I didn’t want to nail them up there and also wanted to make them easy to remove.  So I decided on Velcro Command Strips.  The painted letters sat in the garage for a few weeks until I remembered to pick up the Command Strips during our weekly grocery trip.

I’d laid my letters out on the floor in front of the wall to test my spacing and then I taped a scrap piece of wood so that I’d have a guide to keep my letters even. When I hung them, I just pushed the Command Strip on the top of the letter (each got one – I think they were medium sized) and then placed them on the wall under the wood guide:

brooks hang

I wanted to go with an “around the corner” look to give it a little extra something.

I love how it turned out.  This is definitely the most accurate representation of how it looks when you walk in from the door:

Brooks hang final

I’m almost done with the curtains for this room (thanks mom!!) and that will help it look a little more finished.  Then it will be time for more things to fill out the space/walls.

What are the other ways you’ve incorporated your name, family initial, etc into a space?


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