DIY: Before and After – Wall Collage

Last week, I posted the how-to for my DIY Anniversary wall art.

Today, I’m going to show you where I put it!

Since we moved in, I’ve been wanting to decorate this area of our home.  This nook is the first thing you see when you come in through the garage and the door to the right heads into our foyer and the left into our kitchen area, so it’s definitely a well-traversed area.

Since I read a bunch of decorating blogs, I’ve seen a bunch of different ideas for wall collages and I knew that’s what I wanted to do here.

The former owners had painted this nook green.  I thought it clashed too much and so I painted it a very pale blue – the color that was used on many of the ceilings throughout the house.  It went from:


into (I realize it’s hard to tell the color here, but it’s a very pale sky blue):


Then it came time for the wall collage.  I already have a few ideas for a couple additions to this space, so it isn’t quite done yet, but the additions will come over time and I’m content with it’s current condition.


There it is, the anniversary wall art!  As you can see there is a little more space to be filled. It looks about 75% complete. I am hoping for some new inspiration to come sometime later this year or early next year – or I may create one or two of the ideas I have swirling in my head!

And an upclose of the art:


Inspiration for the some of items in this area came from Young House Love (“D” monogram art and paint chip art!)

I really love how the thermostat isn’t “as noticeable” with more around it.  It definitely stuck out like a sore thumb when it was the only thing in the space.

Any ideas for other art items to add to this space to make it look complete?


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