Running plans: Half Marathon

I’ve been asked a few times about my strategy for my half marathon next month.  Candidly, I’m not doing a set training schedule or plan.  I’ve been doing a feel-it-out-as-I-go plan. I know that my knees are a little “crunchy” after all the years on the volleyball court and I have to be very aware of how much running and impact I’m putting on them.

So, to prep for the half, I’ve been doing 1 long run over the weekend, 1 shorter run and then 1 run during the week.  On top of that I’ve been trying to hit the elliptical 1-2 times a week depending on how many runs I get and what we have going on in the evenings. I know that I only have about 6 weeks of prep time, so I want to make sure that I go into it confident enough.

Long Run:
Anywhere from 7.5-9.5 miles. I usually do these on Saturday mornings when it’s cool out and before we get into the rush of our day.  I’ve been trying to do courses where there are some rolling hills and it’s not just flat because I know the course isn’t going to be flat.  The race I’m doing (Thunder Road in Charlotte) is mostly downhill the first half and mostly uphill the second half, but they are slow rolling hills, nothing where it’s a mile straight up or anything.

Short Runs:
Anything from 4-6 miles – it’s usually around 5.  I like to do these on Sunday mornings and then again one night during the week.  My Sunday I just feel out based on what I ran the day before.

Things I still need to do before my race:
– I want to do a 10 miler sometime this month. I think getting into the double digits is really going to help me feel confident in my numbers going in, especially because I’m not doing a normal training plan of 4-5 days per week of running.

– Try to use some sort of fuel during my run.  I can tell that sometimes during my long runs I start to physically feel a slow down when I get to the 7.5-9 mile mark. I think I will probably need to practice using some sort of power gel or something for a few of my training races knowing that I still have to get to 13 on race day so I want to make sure I have enough food energy in my system.  I want to make sure I test out some fuel on a practice run or two so I feel confident in how much to take and that I’m not going to cramp like crazy or something during the real race.

– Get a new playlist.  My playlists are all about 50 mins long and they haven’t changed in years.  I need something new to put some pep in my step.  Any awesome songs that I should be running to?  I loved Katy Perry’s Roar when it came out and that was big on repeat during my runs.  Any other “you can do it” songs for my list?

Can’t wait to finish this prep and be crossing the finish line!


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