Instant Gratification

As technology improves, the ability to get what you want immediately/when-you-want-it increases.

When we were riding home from swim practice my opinionated kids didn’t want to hear Tay Swift’s Shake it Off jam.

“Turn this off.”
“I don’t like this song. I want Boom Crash.”

There were two voices pushing for a music change.

“Yeah, I want to hear Boom Crash, too.”

I tried to explain how when we listen to the radio, we don’t get to choose the next song because the radio DJ is in charge of the choices.  Often we listen to CDs in the car or the iPod in the house, so we always get to pick what we listen to.

I realized in the moment, that with all the gadgets and programs out there today, my kids are going to have a lot of instant gratification at their fingertips.

We are bombarded on all sides:
You want a hot meal now – hit the drive thru.
You want the new 95″ tv – buy now and pay later.

You interested in a show or movie – Netflix or the DVR have tons of options ready and available.
Who knows, with the talks of drone delivery services, we may be close to instant delivery for online orders?!

I realize that as a parent, I need to make sure that while my kids will be living in a more advanced world, I still want to make sure they learn the virtue of patience.  I want them to be grateful for moments that require delayed gratification – or no gratification.  I want them to know that they aren’t entitled to anything they want, whenever they want it.  Yes, it’s great to have such advances that we have tons of options and easier access out there, but there also needs to be some balance.  Just because you want a big tv doesn’t mean you can afford a big tv. Just because it’s out there doesn’t mean you just get it.

I hope that Dean and I can lead by example in this area.  That we teach our kids patience in times where we want-it-now but realize that now might not be the best time.


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