Poor Puppy (alternatively titled “Brooks is Particular”)

I’ve shared before stories about my favorite second-born and his peculiar nature when it comes to certain things.  Like the way I have to sometimes “disassemble” Brooks’ casserole and separate the meat from the rice so he will eat it, or the way he always wants to share half of my pillow in bed and never wants to use the extra one just laying there.

And of course I shared his Prayer Pal story.  But that’s not the only time he’s done something like that.

During my Sunday night bible study last weekend, I was downstairs with the girls while Dean was getting the kids into bed.  When I came up later that night, Dean recapped his tuck in with Brooks:

I was tucking him in and he handed me the puppy and said “Dad, take this out of here. I don’t want it in my room, put it in your room.”  I obliged and put the puppy on the floor next to Brooks’ bed as we continued our nighttime routine.  Then I walked out and shut the door.  I realized a few minutes later that I forgot the puppy, but didn’t want to go back in as Brooks was already in bed and it was practically under his bed in a pitch dark room, so it wouldn’t matter.  I headed into our room and I hear Brooks jump off his bed and open the door. I yelled for him to get back in bed and told him he would get discipline if he got out again.

A couple minutes later I hear baby footsteps outside his door and I think to myself, “great, now I have to discipline him and get him tucked back in”.

I sit up in bed to see our bedroom door open slightly and a little voice says, “I told you to bring this in here,” as a small, fluffy puppy tumbles in through the cracked doorway.  Then, just as quickly, little footsteps scamper back into his room.


No stuffed animal is safe in this boy’s room after 8pm!



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