Weekend Highlights

This weekend was jam packed.  As they usually are.  But jam-packed with a lot of great things.  Here are the highlights of our awesome fall weekend:

1. Grammy came to visit. My kids really love their Grammy-time – especially because there are always fun things to do like milkshakes at Chick-fil-a, special treats she brings, movietime and lots of playtime with trucks and dinosaurs.

I like when Grammy visits because Dean and I get a lot of us time.  Our bible study, date time, shopping – Grammy wants parent-free kid-time and we take advantage of the kid-free parent-time whenever she is here.

2. Costume prep.  I’m not going to share any pics to give away the family costume, but I will say that Landon and I did some cutting and iron gluing of fabric this weekend to get ready.

3. Boo Bash fun.  Our part of town always does a great job with family and kid activities around the holidays. This weekend we hit the Boo Bash and they had tons of bounce houses, rides, treats and pumpkins!  The kids didn’t want to leave.

4. Building my running confidence.  I did my 10-miler this weekend.  That was one of my goals to prepare myself for next month’s race and doing it definitely gave me the confidence that I’ll be able to finish on race day.  I also practiced taking a “gel” product during the run and I didn’t get any cramps – yay!

5. Office progress.  In a complete revamp of our office space, we had our flooring installed this weekend and it looks great!  I’m going to put together a post in the next week or so, but I will say that it no longer looks anything like this:
office before

6.  Art project.  We did a kids art project that involved the following sponge.  Can you guess what we did?


Did you play outside and enjoy the fall weather, too?


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