Little Fish

Dean and I decided to wait until our kids are at least 5 before they participate in team sports.  With our boys being little, I don’t feel there is a need to push them to get involved in team activities just yet.  Dean plays a lot of catch, baseball and basketball with our kids at the house and we don’t feel like we need to be running all over town during the week and on weekends to get them to practices and a game.I know that kids activities will be a scheduling monster in the future, so we decided that there is no need to start until they are a little older.

That being said, one thing we both thought was important was to get our kids into swimming.  Our boys love being at the pool and I want them to learn how to get to the wall, float on their back and other water safety techniques. My kids likely aren’t going to die in a soccer incident, but they are basically rocks in a pool (they sink!) and I want to feel like they can get to the wall if they accidentally fall in the deep end.

This fall we started swim lessons.  I am already shocked at how much they have improved. Landon can do a few strokes all by himself and has started floating on his back. Brooks is pretty comfortable on his back and now puts his face under the water all the time.

We just started session two and I hope that by next summer, we’re feeling pretty safe and confident  in the water!


My little fish!



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