Filling the Gaps

Do you ever notice that your personality changes a little depending on who you are with?  Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve realized that my personality adjusts based on my environment.

At home, I take on a more Type A- personality. I like to go with the flow to an extent, but especially since we’ve had kids, I have had more on my to-do list than ever before. Tasks I want to get done and expectations for living a life that has some consistency to it.  And I push and manage and drive to make sure that we get everything done – even if the hubs would rather watch football all day!

At work, I definitely am organized and efficient so I can manage various projects.  I have to be able to work on multiple projects in different stages simultaneously and keep on top of things so they don’t slip through the cracks.  I am more filtered and watch what I say.

With some of my Type A friends and family, I tend to be more laid back and easygoing. I let them take on the crazy organization and planning and I go with the flow.

With other friends and family who are more relaxed in their lifestyle, I tend to bring a sense of order and rigidness.

Isn’t that funny… I tend to want to fill the gaps.

Recognizing that it’s harder for two Type A’s to do things because they both want to lead.  And it can be harder for two easygoing personalities to make progress when they both are too laid back about making a decision. I like to be the balance that makes those relationships easier.

I wouldn’t say that I change who I am, just that I tweak how I handle situations based on who I’m with.

Do you find you’re the same way, your personality shifts a little depending on who you’re with so that you can fill the gaps?


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