Brooksie Matthew

This boy.

This crazy, headstrong, cuddly, funny guy.


Here’s what life has been like with Brooksie Matthew lately. Yes, that’s what he often calls himself – not Brooks or Brooks Matthew, but Brooksie Matthew (well, it’s more like Maffew when he says it).

This boy is daytime potty trained. Yay!! For the first time in nearly 5 years, we barely buy diapers.  (Brooks gets one at naptime and one at bedtime and that is all! And brother occasionally gets a nighttime one, but we’re working on none!  We are finally at this milestone!)

This boy has a mind of his own – a vivid, crazy, lively imagination. Proof:

When reading David and Goliath in the kids bible, it talks about how everyone was afraid of Goliath.  I asked, “Brooks, what are you afraid of?”

“Wow, those are scary. What else are you afraid of besides monsters?”
“Monsters under the bed.”
“And what else?”
“Monsters kicking you.”
“Ok,” I’m not getting very far, I reasoned.
“…and monsters spitting on you.”


So yes, this boy thinks of crazy, off-the-wall stuff all the time.

And he is so smart – he’s such a boy now and no longer toddler or baby. He articulates so well and sometimes that makes me forget that he’s not even 3 yet. I figure if he talks like a 6 y.o. he should act like a 6 y.o. (And that’s where I make my mistake!)

This boy is all boy. He likes to be rough and crazy.


He is also compassionate.  He gives kisses on my boo boo’s and loves to take care of his puppy dog and his dinosaurs – with blankets so they can sleep and pretend meals.  He also cares for others who are hurting/injured:

After the aforementioned reading of David and Goliath, we prayed together.  Brooks went first:  “Dear God, please help Goliath to feel better, and to not be dead, and to get healfy (healthy). Help him to not be sad. And help him to be all better. Amen”  #teamgoliath  Yep, praying for Goliath’s healing!!

Brooks is so independent.  He loves doing things on his own – like cutting his dinner with a knife, walking through the parking lot refusing to hold my hand(!!) or riding a bike like Landon – without any help.  We’re working on when it’s ok to be independent and when we still need mom and dad.

My favorite time of the day is when he comes in in the mornings – around 7:00-7:15 and he just climbs up on Dean’s side of the bed, finds room on the other half of my pillow, snuggles under the covers and cuddles.  On the weekdays, he and I snuggle together for 10 minutes before I motivate to get up.  On the weekends, he usually snuggles in between Dean and I and just sleeps for another hour.  I love waking up to his curly head and plump lips.

I love that my little guy is so precious.  He’s an adorable little thing.  More than once Dean and I have said – “he’s lucky he’s so cute!” I am just savoring these moments because he is growing so fast. He’s my little one who isn’t so little anymore. And I know that soon enough, he’ll be too big to carry and he definitely won’t want any of mom’s help, so I’m stealing all these times while I can.

I love my blonde boy!



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