The Best Yes Book – Practical takeways


I just finished reading The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst in my women’s Sunday night bible study and this has definitely been one of the best reads for me. With my personality and my desire to meet everyone’s needs and do everything, I think I’ve confused the disease to please with God’s call to love. This study was so eye opening to me as a reminder that not every assignment that comes across my lap is necessarily my assignment.

For other women who are constantly treading water feeling like you can’t keep up and you keep adding to your plate because you feel like you have to do it all, I highly recommend the book. Some of the takeaways I’ve started incorporating into my life:

1 – Praying to God for more clarity when things come across my plate. Before I was a constant YES GIRL. You need my help, I’ll give it to you. I’d jam pack our schedule with so many projects and things people asked of us and then I’d run around like a madman trying to fit it all in. And I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to ask or receive help (unless it’s painting or making curtains, right mom?), but I love to be the one to step in and help whenever there is a need. Now, I’m bringing some of the requests to God and using that to help decide which things to say no to. It’s actually been freeing to keep our schedule less packed so when the last minute activity comes up, we do have freedom in our schedule for the unplanned park trip or picnic lunch. I’ve also cut back on the to-do lists and schedule for our weekends. That’s not to say there aren’t days that we have back to back errands or projects, but I’m trying to do a better job of making those days less frequent.  It’s giving us more white space in our family days to just enjoy down time and relax. To have time to just snuggle in bed – all four of us with a bible story or favorite movie or even just to talk about our days.

2 – Seeing God show me the small signs. I think so often I only come to God with the big things. The prayer requests for job change or house hunting. But Lysa’s book goes into a lot of the detail around seeing God nudge you in the little things. Supporting someone in a small way whether it be through a note of encouragement or a random act of kindness at the checkout for the person behind you. I want to have my eyes open to the little things God shows me so I can be aware of the little tasks he wants me to be involved in. When I do good things in the little tasks, I can be entrusted with some of the bigger plans God has for me.

3 – Finding wise counsel in my life. It’s easy to surround myself with YES people. People who won’t stand up to my idea or thoughts but will always give me the “go for it” advice that I want. I want to work harder to find others who are ahead of me in various aspects of life and be open to hearing advice that might not be want I want to hear, but what I need to hear. And I want to work on being open enough to take that advice. I’m always challenged in thinking “I know the best way” and I want to do better job of letting those around me – who have gone before me in a particular area – give me wisdom. Whether it be in the area of my job, parenting, marriage, God, etc. I think one thing God has put on my heart over the course of this study is to find a spiritual mentor. I’ve never had one and I’m not 100% sure what that relationship would be, but I think I need to find a woman who is ahead of me in life who can help guide me to grow as a Christian wife, mom and follower of Jesus. I want to find people who aren’t just family members to give me wisdom but outside voices that can help shape my path.

There are so many wise nuggets throughout the book and I’m so glad I dug into it. Just like her Unglued book, Lysa has a way of speaking that is so relatable and wants me to focus on doing a better job in my life.  Do you have a book that has changed the way you approach your life and really impacted you in so many practical ways?  Please share!


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