Two Brothers and A Pile of Fall

Landon and Brooks’ school sent us a few pics of their time jumping in a big leaf pile at school this week.  It was just too precious not to share these great pics:

fall leaves

I just love that our boys love each other so much.  Yes, there is fighting and hitting and all the usual sibling craziness. But at least 90%, 80%, 75% of the time, they just LOVE each other.

Landon loves being the teacher. Brooks loves being his student.
Brooks loves to do things to get a laugh – blowing milk bubbles or jumping off the couch. And Landon is always willing to laugh at his crazy brother.

They don’t always agree – on the bible story we’ll read, on the movie to watch, on the snack to eat.  But they are the best built-in playmates.  I love “catching” them doing sweet things for each other and playing well together.

What a blessing to have two boys who are just the best of friends. Brothers who seek each other out at school when they are out of their assigned classes and in the big group setting. Brothers who wake up early on weekend mornings and find their built in buddy to start building train sets in the playroom.  Brothers who protect each other and fight for each other when Daddy the Monster or Papa the Lion is attacking them.

And one extra pic that was also sent – for good measure:

fall leaves L

Speaking of siblings and brothers.  I have a super awesome brother that celebrates a big birthday today – his last year in the 20’s!! I’m so thankful that my brother is such a sweet, easygoing and good guy.  I definitely had a great childhood and a lot of that is attributed to all the fun I got to have with my siblings and the relationships we built. And now our kids get to enjoy life together and build the next generation of relationships! Happy Birthday J!


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