Transforming our Office

**Warning – this post turned out way long… sorry!  This is your advance notice, feel free to just scroll through the pictures to see the transformation quickly!**

When we moved in our house last year, we knew that there wasn’t much needed to “fix up” our house.  We didn’t have to gut a kitchen or refinish floors.  But there were a few rooms that needed a coat of paint and some other small things.  I’ve posted about some of these things on the blog before.  Most of them are “little things” – a tweak here – a change there.

One of the rooms that I really wanted to change from head to toe was our office.  Candidly, this room could be so many things. It’s right there when you walk into our house – but it can be an extra room (it has a closet) or a workout room.  I really wanted to make it a workout room but the only think that held me back was that we need a dedicated office space more.  I could probably have made our “sitting room” (also a wasted space) into an office but because it’s completely open to our dining room, I didn’t want to do that.  I like the idea of being able to close off the doors to our office and keep the mess contained. Because knowing my husband, the desk will likely always be covered with tech books and disks and computer training print outs.

We started the transformation a couple weeks ago.  And the bones are just about done, but not the guts (i.e. we did the walls and floors, but still need new furniture, more storage stuff, etc).

Here are a few pics showing where we started and where we are right now:

1/ Yes, you can see the clutter and chaos we started with.
2/ Cleaned out you can see the dingy rug color, the green walls.
3/ Here is the view from our entryway.
4/ We chose the color “Beach House” – it’s the bottom left color of the two swatches.


1/ This is a great “true match to how the color palette started. A medium toned green and “builders beige” closet.
2/ I wanted to do a color in the closet to give a little pop. My goal down the road is to get some good storage set up in there and I thought a pop of something bright would be a good way to do this. I decided to check the clearance rack at Lowe’s for a small can of Oops paint. I found a marigold color and tested it on the wall. It was a little to dark so I just grabbed an extra 1/3 gal of white I had in the garage, poured in some of the marigold colored paint and mixed at home for my own butter colored creation.
3/This is the after shot of the closet.  To get behind the built in shelf system, I just used a cheap “artists” paintbrush – the kind you’d use if you were Bob Ross painting some puffy clouds and happy trees 🙂


1/ This is painting in process.  Because the under color was so dark we needed two coats to make sure we covered everything. One gallon just covered our room (about 125 s.f.)
2/ This is what the color looked like right after we finished – at about 10pm.
3/ And this was the final look the next morning in daylight. I love how it’s a light blue gray.  Candidly, I wish it was about a shade lighter, but I still think it looks awesome.
4/ And the comparison shot where you can see the blue wall with the yellow closet. (We also installed a few half shelves for additional storage in there. This way it can still be used for long clothing in the future, if needed, but also gives us some of the shelving we need for storage.)


I mentioned that we were installing floors in the office to match the other rooms on the main level. The flooring is Amtico Lime Washed Wood – if you were wondering. We finally got the product delivered and had a handyman come install it for us.  I think it looks so much better with this flooring and I love the idea of a hard surface in the office instead of carpet.

1/Here’s where we stand now.  That is the desk that I’d like to paint and put into Landon’s room, but for now it will remain in our office to hold our computer.  Finding a desk we like has been a struggle.  Most furniture places have more traditional styled furniture which doesn’t go with the style I like. I’d like a more contemporary looking espresso colored unit with lots of storage, shelves and drawers to hold files and books.
2/ I had to start filling up some of the shelves, but this will all move around once we get our office system purchased.  I just needed to get some boxes and “non-kid-friendly items” out of the reach of two curious boys.
3/ Yep, I’m starting to love this space more and more. It’s so much airier and bright with the lighter wall color and floors.


P.S. I’m open to suggestions or links if you have some reputable, quality desk furniture I should check out!


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