Food: Kid Friendly Turkey Cookie Project

This project is filled with good things:

Thanksgiving. Good.
Cookies. Good.
Kid activities. Good.
Delicious final product. Good.

If you’re looking for something fun, tasty and Thanksgiving-themed to do with your kids, I’ve got a solution.  Turkey cookies.

No, not turkey-flavored cookies, just cookies that resemble turkeys.

turkey final

I invited my women’s bible study over for a “end of the book” social and celebration with their hubbies and kids and decided we might need a kid activity to do. It gets dark out early so it needed to be inside fun.  As I strolled the grocery store cookie aisle, I came up with this idea.  (I’m sure there is some version of this or something similar to it somewhere out there in internet-land or pinterest-world but I just thought this up on the fly at the grocery store. Mostly because I wanted a reason to buy a package of Nutter Butters.)

It’s so easy it doesn’t require more than a few pictures to show the steps:

Turkey Cookie1

Turkey Cookie 2

Gobble Gobble!


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