Kid celebrities

As you can imagine, our hometown – Charlotte, is not a mecca of famous people or celebrities.  So when our kids get to see “famous people” around town, they get SUPER excited.

Because daddy is such a sports fanatic, it is no shock that my kids favorite celebrities around town are quite hairy and smell like moldy lockers:


Yep – Sir Purr of the Panthers, Homer of the Charlotte Knights (minor league baseball), and Chubby (from the minor league hockey team) were in attendance at the annual Auto Show.  Since my kids and husband love checking out cars, we decided to make a visit.

Chubby (the polar bear in the red uniform) is Landon’s absolute favorite – ever since we went to a game for his birthday he’s loved the guy (P.S. – how little are my kids in that flashback post?!).  So, it was no surprise that when I asked Landon to share with our nanny who we saw over the weekend, he was over the top for Chubby!

Me: Landon, tell Ms Jennifer who we saw this weekend.
Landon:  We saw the Panther and CHUBBBBBY!!
Brooks: AAAND we saw Homer – the alligator (ooops, he’s a dragon!)
Me: And who was the big guy in red that we got to see there?
Me: Yep, you already said Chubby, who was the other famous guy in red?
Landon: Oh, we saw Santa, too!

Sorry Santa, with all those sweaty oversized animals in attendance, you are just an afterthought. Whomp, whomp, whomp.

mascot santa

(P.S. this was the only picture I got of them with Santa where Brooks wasn’t picking his nose – evidently now he was just rolling it between his fingers! My kids are so proper!)



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