3 Randoms per Housemate

To let you know a little more about the people I live with, today I’m sharing three random facts/stories about the three crazy men I live with. Yes, my life is busy and fun and these three have lots to do with that.


1. Dean is a huge sports fan, but especially the Orioles and Ravens. (Yes, he’s from Baltimore!) He tries to ‘brain-wash’ our kids into loving Baltimore teams but lucky for them, mom knows better and puts a quick stop to it!

2. My husband is super athletic. In high school he was offered scholarships to a ton of schools to play baseball. Lucky for me, he ended up at the DUB (which was probably one of the ‘not as well known’ schools on his list – him being from Baltimore), otherwise, I don’t know that we’d ever have met.

3. He has the worst joints known to man. I am expecting a double knee replacement for him any time now. He’s had 4-5 (??) surgeries on his knees already and one elbow surgery.  This is probably one of the only areas I hope our boys DON’T take after him!


LRD older

1. Is a mac-n-cheese-aholic. This boy could eat mac n cheese every day for every meal. He loves all kinds – the cheap off brand, powdery stuff, the creamy foil pouch and moms homemade.

2. Loves being self sufficient. Each morning he dresses himself and picks out his own clothes. “Mom, I need some privacy” he tells me when he needs to use the bathroom. He loves getting his own drink and picking out  his bowls for food.  He buckles his own carseat and just wants to try and do everything all by himself. He’s growing up so fast!

3. Sleeps with a menagerie of at least 4 stuffed animals. In current rotation are a Christmas elf, his huge Mater pillow pet, two puppies, a small stuffed bear and of course, Chubby! And cannot be without his blankie at night. (Yep, he’s a Linus!)



1. Needs outside time every day. Something about fresh air just does something for this boy and he has such a better day when he gets at least 30 minutes outdoors.

2. Like his brother, he can’t sleep without his blankie but rarely has more than that. He’s very particular about his bed routine and if I introduce something new – like a warmer blanket recently for the winter months – it takes time for him to adjust.  The first time I brought it out, he said, “get that blue blanket out of here!”

3. Falls all-the-time!  He is the most clutzy kid!  I think it has to do with the fluid in his ears all the time, because he is constantly running and falling all over the place. He falls out of chairs, he trips all the time and just is generally flailing a lot!  Hopefully this is a stage he’ll grow out of, otherwise Daddy’s dreams of a little athlete may be dashed!



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