And a bonus random

I gave three random facts about each of my guys this morning, and as a bonus, here is one more random fact about each of them:

Husband:  My husband doesn’t carry a wallet. He used to before we were first married but for the last 6-7 years he’s used a money clip.

Landon: Loves watching YouTube videos on the computer. Usually he’ll start with Frozen (Let it Go and Do You Want to Build a Snowman) and he’ll click and click on the suggestions and sidebars and often ends up on Katy Perry’s Fireworks and Roar or Miley’s Party in the USA.  (There is often some booty shaking during these viewings!)

Brooks:  Does not like having his own pillow during snuggle time.  When we do family snuggle time – which happens several nights each week and often early on the weekend mornings before mom and dad are ready to get up – Brooks insists on sharing a pillow. We have a king-size bed and many pillow options, but that boy is insistent that his head be right near mine or Dean’s sharing our pillows.  It’s cute when we are still sleeping and I can smell his little boy ‘puppy’ breath.

I love my boys!


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