Christmas Décor: Burlap Wreath

Over the next two weeks, I’m going to post a couple of my Christmas décor projects that I worked on this year. A couple ornaments. A wreath.  Some decorating ideas.  Hopefully if you’re still working on your décor, you’ll be inspired to whip out  your glue gun and create something festive for the holiday.


First up is this Christmas burlap wreath.  I see them all the time for $60, $80 and more.  That is too much for me to spend on holiday décor, so I decided to make my own. The great thing about this wreath is that I didn’t glue any of the branches to it, so it can easily be reused in other seasons.

Maybe a pastel ribbon and some plastic eggs for Spring.  A bunch of colored leaves and a mini pumpkin or gourd for next Fall and even at Christmas next year, I can pull out the berries and do shiny ornaments or a big candy cane striped ribbon and bow.  Basically this wreath is a great base.


Pics above:

1/ I know you can buy thick burlap ribbon but it’s cheaper to buy yards of burlap fabric. I got 2 yards for $3/yd at Walmart. Then I cut it into 6 strips that were about 5-7″ wide each.

2/ I didn’t have wire to hold the fabric in place so I just used twist ties that I pulled the outside off of (so it would fit through the little burlap holes).

3/ I started by folding one end together into forths and then attaching it to the back, outside edge of the wire wreath form (also a Walmart purchase for $3-4). I attached it to the vertical wire with an uncovered twist tie wire.

4/ Then I started weaving the fabric through the wreath form.wreath2

5/ You can see a close up of how I did it, but basically I pushed the fabric through the back and pulled a loop of fabric through. Then I’d grab the excess from the back and push a loop into the next circle, so I worked my way up and down the form. Outside loop, middle loop, inner loop, then I’d do a little twist in the back and then I’d start again working the other way – inner loop, middle loop, outer loop.

6/ Every few loops I’d stop and fluff them and work on the spacing to cover any gaps.

7/ It took exactly 2 yards (cut in 6 strips) to finish the circle.

8/ Then I grabbed some fake berry garland from Michaels (on sale plus coupon for $3-4/package), I cut the berries into smaller 6″ segments and tucked them into the burlap and snugly behind some wire so they would stay in place (but not with glue or anything permanent).

And here is the final product on the front door:

wreath3 wreath

All in, it costs less than $15 to make this wreath.  I think it looks great – simple and yet festive. It also goes well with the rest of my décor which is very natural themed this year – browns and burlap.




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