Landon says: material things

It’s funny when your kids pick up on things you don’t realize.  Like hearing radio ads for a local jewelry store and putting it in the right context:

I don’t wear my engagement ring very often, so when I do, Landon tends to notice and occasionally compliments it.  The other day, he was sitting on my lap and sees my diamond. He fingered the stone and asked, “Mom, where did you get this ring?  Diamonds Direct?” (the local jeweler who does a ton of radio advertising).


This year, we’ve been talking to Landon about being careful with how much is on his Christmas wishlist.  He was doing a lot of “I want this. and this. and this.” So we talked about the meaning of Christmas and the reason we give gifts is to bless others just like God gave us baby Jesus.

We’d been doing this prep in advance of his Christmas fieldtrip where they’d get to sit on Santa’s lap.  I told Landon that he needed to keep his Christmas wishlist with Santa to three items.

“Landon, you can’t go up there with Santa and start saying tons of things, you can only pick three things.”
“Well Mom, what if he says I can say five things?”
“Just keep it to three things,” I said, trying to keep it simple.
“Well, he might say two things or four things.”
“Okay. Think about the top couple of things and just keep your list short,” I reasoned.

Fastforward to the night after his field trip.

“So, Bubba, what did you ask Santa for when you saw him?”
“I said I want a garbage truck.  He didn’t tell me a number, so I just said one thing.”


I love this sweet, smart boy.


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