Rudolph loves reindeer food.

If you’ve been on Pinterest or other mommy blogs, I’m sure you’ve seen ‘reindeer food’. I was introduced last year by my son who brought home a baggie of it that they made at school. We’d always put out some carrots on Christmas Eve for Rudolph and the other sleigh pullers, but I had never heard of reindeer food.

reindeer reindeer1

This year for our neighborhood holiday party, we decided to do little packets of reindeer food as the takeaway for the kids who came to visit Santa.  My friend and I put these together and I think they turned out so cute. What a fun idea if you invite other families and kids over for the holidays. The kids can make their own packet to take home and put out on Christmas Eve.

We made 100 packets for the neighbor hood party and it only cost $10 in supplies. Oatmeal, cinnamon, glitter and sequins – mixed in a big bowl and then portioned out.

I’ve also included the food tags I created and printed. I just found clip art online and then used the poem that a friend sent me from Pinterest. Would be cute to punch a hole in the top and attach with cute string (since I was making 100, the stapler seemed much quicker!)

Reindeer food tags



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